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Turnkey vs. Self Performance

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Advantages: Turnkey vs. Self-Performance

Turnkey vs. Self-Performance
Decisions surrounding the construction of a new athletic field for your players are difficult. Who is best qualified to manage the project and perform the work? What will it cost? What turf is right for the player’s needs? How can on-time completion be assured? What protection is available through warranties?

To alleviate these concerns, most general contractors say they will “turnkey” the project. Sounds great, right? Maybe not.

What Does Turnkey Really Mean?
The term “turnkey” means that a field’s owner will have a single contract with a general contractor. This implies that the field’s construction will run smoothly and on time because there is a single point of contact.

The reality is that the general contractor still hires various subcontractors to complete the job. This includes contractors for engineering, excavation, sub base construction, irrigation, turf installation, concrete and site work. This leads to complications: 
  • Who is responsible? When problems arise during or after construction, it’s often unclear as to who is truly responsible. 
  • Why the delays? The involvement of so many parties often leads to delays because of difficulties in scheduling. 
  • Is there a warranty? Most limit coverage of the sub base to 1 year and turf for 8 years. This is problematic because the sub base, the field’s foundation, is most important to its performance and longevity.
The Self-Performance Advantage
Fortunately, there is a better way – the Sports Construction Group self-performance advantage. This means one company, SCG, does it all: engineering, excavation, sub base construction, irrigation, turf installation, concrete and site work. No subcontractors are involved.

Benefits of self-performance include:
  • Better work completed by highly trained employees. 
  • Faster job completion. Eliminates delays from scheduling multiple subcontractors. 
  • No finger pointing during or after construction. 
  • Better service after installation with one point of responsibility. 
  • Ultimate security with an insured warranty that covers both turf and sub base for 8 years.
Make the Winning Choice
When deciding between a sports field specialty contractor that is turnkey and one that self-performs, the choice is obvious. Self-performance wins every time.

Make the winning choice. Contact Sports Construction Group today.