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8x8 Warranty

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Your field needs full protection.
Get it with the 8x8 Insured Warranty, offered only by SCG.

One-of-a-Kind Insured Warranty

This exclusive, insured warranty is the only policy in the industry that covers the entire field system – sub base and synthetic turf – for eight years.

Most warranties only cover the base for one year, and the synthetic turf for eight years. This is illogical, considering that the sub base is the foundation of your field. It must work properly to ensure long-term performance and last for up to 30 years and through several turf installations. In fact, many issues with synthetic turf fields are really a result of poor base construction, and not the turf itself.

With eight years of coverage on both the sub base and synthetic turf, the SCG 8x8 Insured Warranty is the smart choice.

Partnered with an Industry Leader
SCG offers its clients the best in sports field construction, and it offers the best protection with the 8x8 Insured Warranty by partnering with an AM Best A rated insurer. In the unlikely event we cannot perform the warranty work, even in the case of bankruptcy, our insurer will respond to fund the repairs.

The SCG Insured Warranty covers the entire field system for eight years.

Cost-Effective Protection

Approximately $2,000 a year buys you the 8x8 Insured Warranty, which covers both your field’s synthetic turf and sub base. There is no deductible associated with the warranty and coverage lasts eight years from the time the SCG construction contract is complete.

The policy does not need to be renewed, and it cannot be cancelled.

Your sports field represents a huge interest to your community, teams and institutions. It is important to protect this investment. SCG is committed to delivering on-time, high-quality installations with complete protection. The 8x8 Insured Warranty only furthers our goal of delivering complete customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the exclusive SCG 8x8 Insured Warranty, contact us via email or at 440.546.1200.

download print version