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Field Hockey

Smoothness. Stability. Durability. Cushion.
Turf water retention. Quick surface drainage.

These are the characteristics of a championship-caliber field hockey pitch. They provide fast ball roll, precise ball control, safe footing and minimal rain delays.

The undisputed expert in building such fields is Sports Construction Group (SCG). The SCG team’s credentials include:
  • 20+ years experience is constructing high-performance athletic fields
  • More than one-quarter of all 80 NCAA Division I field hockey programs are on the SCG client roster
  • Current sponsor of USA Field Hockey

 SCG’s field hockey pitch construction services include:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Base construction
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation
  • Turf installation

Additionally, SCG provides value-added services including annual inspections and testing for FIH standards.

Plus, we give you peace of mind with the exclusive SCG 8x8 Insured Warranty, which covers both the sub base and synthetic turf for eight years.

Now an official distributor of AstroTurf® synthetic turf, SCG offers the winning combination of construction services and turf systems to give every team a championship-quality field hockey pitch.

SCG is the Go-To Team for Field Hockey Pitch Construction

Since 2004, 36 NCAA Division I field hockey programs have constructed new pitches. More than 60% chose SCG. They include:

In addition, hundreds of NCAA Division II and III programs, as well as high schools have turned to SCG to construct their field systems.