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A high-performing field is only as strong as its foundation. From the ground up, we provide a high-end system to ensure your field’s performance, durability, quick drainage and safety.

The build phase begins with material selection that is customized to your field’s level of use and exposure to the elements. We then excavate the field and begin the base work. This includes shaping the compacted subgrade; placing the field liner and installing systems for drainage and irrigation; constructing the stone base; and precision laser grading that is exact to within 0.25” in 10 feet, either direction. 

If it’s a natural grass system you’re after, we top off subgrade with a gravel drainage layer and a rootzone mix, followed by natural grass sod appropriate for your climate. We also construct other related field features including heating, air injection infield and warning track systems. 

Throughout the building process, our team is focused on quality control from all sides. We consistently screen our progress and the quality of our materials with the goal of delivering you a winning field construction project.