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HockeyTurf Elite

HockeyTurf Elite and HockeyGrass Club are two state-of-the-art synthetic turf systems designed by Shaw Sportexe specifically for field hockey and installed by Sports Construction Group.

Both systems are smooth, fast, and incredibly durable, offering stability and predictable ball-roll. Seams are sewn edge-to-edge, firmly and securely, ensuring smoothness from one end of the pitch to the other. Both systems are available with economical and durable pad options that provide additional cushioning and water containment.

HockeyTurf Elite is the first innovation in hockey turf in more than a decade! Developed specifically for field hockey, the nylon turf system is manufactured via a sophisticated weaving process!

HockeyGrass Club is tufted nylon system that provides excellent surface stability and durability. 

Download our Hockey Plus Program and Turf product information sheet for more details.

In addition, Sports Construction Group is an official sponsor of USA Field Hockey and the presenting sponsor of the Coaches Hospitality Room at USA Field Hockey's national events.

Product Features
  • Designed to preserve wet characteristic without excessive watering 
  • Made from texturized nylon fibers, which are more durable than polyethylene or polypropylene 
  • Turf systems are water-based, which provides a consistent field of play 
  • No sand to groom means that maintenance is reduced 
  • Surface provides excellent ball roll and ball control

FIH Approved Synthetic Turf System 

  • HockeyTurf Elite is a knitted system, with increased density and extraordinary tuft bind, which will enhance the lifespan of the surface
Hockey Turf Photo