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"We were searching out a replacement over a year ago.  Sports Construction Group was one of the first contractors we called.  Everyone we talked with raved about SCG's business, knowledge, experience and integrity.  They were more than willing to give us guidance on the path we needed to take, and that says a lot about a company.  The benefit was professional, hands on, knowledgeable, real education about the entire process.  We felt comfortable because they explained the process in its entirety.  Anytime we went to SCG in the process, they helped us out.  They have been excellent!"
Tim Armelli - Athletic Director, Chardon High School, Chardon, Ohio

"The Sports Construction Group team was incredibly accommodating and helpful throughout the process.  They gave us great information on how best to care for the new field after installation and better understand how to prepare the field for the future."
Paul Siegwarth - Lake Erie Crushers Assistant General Manager

"I have met with SCG on several occasions and they were extremely knowledgeable about the different brands and styles of turf.  They were helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns."
Todd Osborne - Athletic Director, Revere High School, Richfield, Ohio

"SCG lead the charge for the whole project - they did the sub base work and oversaw the  two different turf installation crews.  With them having control at that level, everything went smoothly - almost flawlessly.  They came in with a solid design plan and the ability to modify it, if needed...  One of the problems that surfaced was a drainage issue with a sidewalk.  They worked through it with us, providing a great solution - cost efficiently.  Sports Construction Group is a leader in playing field construction.  They're at the top of our list for any future projects."
Bill Harrington - Senior Associate Director of Athletics and Recreation, Johns Hopkins University

"We have the nicest field hockey facility in the country as far as I'm concerned.  I am very impressed with the diligence of the SCG team, as they worked through the rain to get the job completed on deadline.  I am raving about the field - and there are so many things to rave about: the sub base, the drainage system, the padding, wow!"
Char Morett - Head Field Hockey Coach, Penn State University

"We have a great deal of faith in SCG's expertise and sharing in the bidding and planning process.  Lifetime maintenance costs for natural grass and for the all-weather track are both reasonable and manageable for both the immediate and long term.  In today's day and age where budgets are scrutinized more closely than ever, Sports Construction Group was very willing to work with us on design issues and within our budget.  We are very confident that Sports Construction Group is delivering a great value."
Sal Miroglotta - Lake Catholic High School, Mentor, Ohio

"We liked the turf because, number one, it came in at a good price, but we also wanted it because of the weight - 48 ounces versus

36 ounces - which has more fibers and all rubber infill.  We host 60 to 70 events a year - our field gets a lot of use, and we thought it was the better product."
George Cardone - Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, Altoona School District 
"Sports Construction Group made us feel that installing a perfect field was as important to them as it was to us, and in the end that's what we have.  They did a tremendous job installing our field and involved us in every aspect of construction.  They started construction when they said they would and finished construction when promised."
Beth Bosman - Head Field Hockey Coach, Duke University

"After watching the site work and installation in action, it is clear to see why SCG continues to do work for major universities and professional athletic teams.  The important thing is that SCG really knows what they are doing.  From the foreman to the office and all the way through, they're experts in the field of construction...  As superintendent I've been involved in several construction projects.  These guys are good - they ran into a couple of surprises...  they found them in a timely manner and provided the least costly solution to resolve them."
Clint Keener - Superintendent, Bay Village School District

"The detailed work, the solutions to numerous challenges SCG had to come up with quickly and efficiently are unlike anything I've ever seen.  We have what looks like a minor league baseball field and a track that's used by some of the world's most elite runners - the whole thing is incredible.  SCG went to amazing lengths in the development of this high acclaimed athletic facility.  The entire team is incredibly good and incredibly professional.  I would put my name next to any project SCG is a  part of.  I have much confidence in their work."
Bob DeFelice - Athletic Director & Baseball Coach, Bentley College

"My clients are relying on me to get the job done.  With SCG I know they'll always come through, even under difficult circumstances.  And they'll do so at a reasonable price.  I've found them to be very very professional - diligent and experienced - which is key in our business.  They're a proven commodity.  We brought in the best sports field contractor in the country - and it was a knock-out!"
Dan Almond - Millennium Sports Technologies, Inc.