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Synthetic Turf

SCG's official synthetic turf partner is AstroTurf®, a leader in the industry with more than two decades of experience and over 700 successful installations including the St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Rays, University of Tennesse, Florida Citus Bowl, Ohio University, University of Kansas and many others.

Synthetic Turf

SCG has worked with a number of turf manufacturers over the years, but none can match what AstroTurf® offers in terms of its product quality, sophisticated manufacturing, research and development, and service level.

If necessary, SCG can also work with any turf supplier or manufacturer you select. SCG inspects and ensures the quality of your chosen turf product at the factory and all the way through final installation.

More than 75 percent of our total projects incorporate base construction and installation of artificial turf. Consider SCG your synthetic turf system authority.

The AstroTurf® synthetic turf line includes: 

GameDay Grass 3D™: Produces a natural-looking synthetic surface that's more durable than 100% polyethylene systems.

GameDay Grass™ MTO & GT: These systems get there natural appearance and grass like play from the special monofilament blades which eliminate post-fibrillation of the field fibers.

GameDay Grass™ XPe:  A "work horse" option for heavily used fields with multi-sport demands.

GameDay Grass™ 3Di:  This system is designed specifically for Baseball systems in the infield areas, which see the heaviest abuse possible on turf, especially the base paths.

PureGrass®: A premium system made of durable nylon monofilaments tufted for maximum resistance to wear.

AstroTurf® 12: The preferred system in the sport of field hockey for its playability, AstroTurf 12™ is engineered with a premium knitted nylon system designed to provide uniform traction and consistent footing.